April 10, 2019


Trends are ephemerical and always have a way of coming back,hence the cyclical nature of fashion has made retro style return inevitable. Style cues have actually been borrowed from the past by innumerable fashion designers to create looks that feel at once modern and retro. To be honest guys, i have always been a retro fashion lover and I’ll forever be.

Now let’s head over to this look,ready?

 This look was inspired by the retro puff sleeve shirt i have on. I finally decided to style it after few years of it laying helplessly in my wardrobe(lol)..the first thing that came to my mind to style this shirt with was this ankara wide-leg pants!….guys, the nostalgia of the 60s-80s fashion has completely taken over me. But yooooo…,wide-leg pants are the new skinnies


Fro wig

Hoop earrings

Bracelets || knuckle rings

Handmade leather slippers

Rattan bag.

I chose to go for these accessories to complete my the look i was going for( what’s an outfit without accessories really….). Anyway, i made sure everything i’m wearing complement each other. The hoop earrings complements  the fro,the cream crossed leather slippers complements the shirt and then the rattan purse for the ankara pants..

And that’s about it for this look guys..


#. You can also pair a puff sleeve shirt with a skinny jean(or any fabric at all as long as it is skinny), floral,plain,denim or patterned skirts or dress.

#. Cream shirts tones down bright coloured pants,skirts,shorts,dresses,jackets etc.other subtle colours will work too.

#.  Wide-leg pants can also be worn with stilettos,sneakers,peep-toe heels,brogues,wedges,ballet flats,flat sandals and pointy toe flats.

#. Classic tops and shirts always make a statement when paired with a wide-leg pant or any other bottoms.


I hope i did well guys…..Please let me know your thoughts about this look in the comment section.

Love always……


  1. Odii says:

    Looking forward to visiting here,looks promising💕

  2. Genevieve says:

    Hi Pora, this is lovely. I guess I’m gonna rush to make my own Wide leg pants… Lol… Kudos

  3. Cathy says:

    Beautiful I love🥰

  4. Chioma says:

    Posh Pora!!!!!!

  5. Ginan says:

    Wow… Nice! Epic!

  6. Jane says:

    Really nice

  7. Cyndy says:

    Always bold and beautiful ❤️

  8. Engee says:

    Beautiful concept, beautiful write up

  9. Muna says:

    Damn girl!!!!! I want those pantsssss . You definitely killed the look <3 😉

  10. Alexis says:

    Hello from the other side

  11. Nneka says:

    This is really an amazing outfit

  12. Caliph says:

    Your style is superb, am loving it.

  13. Caliph says:

    Superb style, wonderful composition, am loving it all.

  14. Makusbaby says:

    I love love 💕

  15. Iffy says:


  16. JOZZY says:

    CEO PF LLC. you’re a rare content creator, and a classic fashionista in chief. The NYSE is waiting for your products to dominate the market.

  17. Lotus says:

    This is absolutely beautiful

  18. EzeNwanyi says:

    Love it!!! Swear I’ll love to try but I don’t even know where I can get shirts like this at affordable rates. 😩😩

    • Pora says:

      The shirt is my Mothers actually(she probably wore it in the 70/80s)…I’ll get back to you on vendors you can get shirts like this from at an affordable price …Thank you love❤️❤️

  19. Dodeye says:

    Beautfoul essemble . Love the purse and oh!! The pants are lovely.

  20. Oby says:

    So inlove with the outfit…Nice one dear😍

  21. Cynthia says:

    Am so in love with this look! U killed it Pora…..looking forward to more updates.

  22. Amara says:

    I love you baby. I see you 🔥

  23. Vina says:

    Beautifully styled, great shots, wonderful job

  24. JAY CEE says:

    Good content. You’ll be a good addition to my Firm.

  25. Clare says:

    Nice one baby girl… Keep it up… I look forward to see more amazing things on your blog👍👍👍👍

  26. David. says:

    Keep the positivity up madame.P.S. the rattan bag is a great piece of work!Big ups.

  27. David. says:

    Keep the positivity up madame.P.S. the rattan bag is a great piece of work!Big ups..

  28. Kanma says:

    Dope blog babe, I absolutely love 😍😍😍❤️

  29. April says:

    Love the whole look. Now I want a rattan bag & some wide-leg Ankara pants too 😩

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    this great post to increase my knowledge.

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