April 10, 2019
CAMO INSPIRED LOOK [White Shirt—-2 Ways]
June 22, 2019


Hey there,…..welcome back to TRB.com

Guys, I know the title of this post may seem deep and not fashion related…..but not to worry, you’ll come across one or two style tips as you read and I’ll try to keep my writing as concise as I can.

The good and bad things that life throws at us actually makes life beautiful and worth living. The title of this post focuses on the bad shits life throws at you(us) some times. When these bad things happen and doesn’t kill you,how do you tackle it?

The saying,”what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger” is attributed to the German philosopher Fredrick Nietzsche who said it more eloquently-‘That which does not kill us, makes us stronger” . I decided to add a little twist to it by icluding WEAKER .

I decided to add that because I’ve noticed that when life throws bad shits on people, they let it negatively take over them,  thus, making them WEAKER. Now guys, when you let yourself succumb to the devil’s plan i.e becoming WEAKER, it only gets worse and finds its way to MAR you. I want you to know that bad shits do not just happen for no reason…Guys, God allowed it happen. let me give you a quick example with myself: the day I had this shoot,i put on this dress and to my greatest surprise,i had outgrown it(the bust area). To be honest,my mood went from 100-0 real quick,i was sad at the same time and almost cancelled the shoot but on a second thought,i said to myself that the shoot must hold regardless..shortly after i sat down thinking of an alternative,i spotted this white sleevless top in my wardrobe and decided to try something new which was wearing the dress over the top.

with regards to the example i just gave, i almost let that little challenge make me weaker but hey, I shamed the devil by getting stronger (adding a little twist that became an unpalnned vibe). So you see guys, every disappointment is indeed a blessing.

When life throws bad shit to you, remember these;

  • God made it happen simply because he has greater plans for you,
  • every disappointment is a blessing in disguise,
  • jeremiah 29:11 and Isaiah 60:22,
  • God is intentional and purposeful
  • You are great by God’s grace

Tip of the day!

  • Build a stronger relationship with God( the best style you can ever have)
  • I simply wore this dress over a white sleeveless top to create a fresh look (I can’t let go)
  • Outgrown the bust area of your sleeveless dress,then this trick is for you
  • Pairing a sleeveless dress(plain or patterned) over a turtle neck or low neck sleeve or sleevless top to create a fresh look
  • Wearing a sleeveless dress over a shirt will do a great job too( could be patterned or plain). A vibe!

I really hope you find this post useful and motivational enough guys…

When life throws bad shit to you,what does it make you?….stronger or weaker.

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  1. Chinenye Nene says:

    Really cute!😍 hot caramel

  2. Cynthia says:

    This is just lovely!from d beginning I was like “how is this fashion related”? But at d end u got me inspired and smiling…….keep it up girl

  3. Genevieve says:

    Nice one Pora… I’ve learnt a new fashion trick all thanks to you

  4. C.P-O says:

    Go Pora!

  5. Clare says:

    Baby baby…. Give them… You always make me proud💓💓💕💕💕
    PS: The world ain’t ready. Keep serving them Hot Hot🔥🔥🔥

  6. Ashley says:

    Nice write up! 💯👏🏽

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