Facts about suspenders…(casual-chic look).

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June 22, 2019
October 9, 2019

Facts about suspenders…(casual-chic look).

Hey there guys, I’m here again with a content that focuses on one of the 18th/19th century fashion trends(SUSPENDERS), that has made made its way back to the 21st century. Suspenders which are also referred to as braces  and galluses, are fashion accessories made of fabrics or leather worn over the shoulders to enhance the look of an outfit. Suspenders come in two primary shapes: the X back and the Y back shapes. They say the X shape suspender gives better comfort that the Y shape. Guys, I can’t testify to this cause all my suspenders are Y shaped and they are really comfortable to an extent. Let’s see what they actually look like:

Both shapes of suspenders come with button or clip attachments to help you pin to your pants. This is why they are classified as clip-on suspenders and button suspenders. The clip ons are really less stressful to handle simply because you can easily clip them to your pants,skirts or shorts and you’re good to go. For the button ones,they give a more formal appearance but you must make sure there are buttons in and out of the waist region of your pants to button them to. I’ll show you how they look:

Guys,it may also interest you to know that  suspenders come in plain and patterned materials{checkered,polka dots,plaid,striped etc} as well as different sizes to suit to whatever style or occasion you’re going for. Long story short,I guess it’s time to show you how I styled my Y-back shaped clip-on suspenders…

I’m really careful when choosing outfit colours to avoid looking like a clown literally.Now, cause my suspenders are the plaid type{has a touch of red,green and yellow with a navy blue background}, I did my colour contrast math pretty well and decided to go for a button down white shirt and a blue denim(all time vibe)…I accessorized further with a navy blue berret,black leather croc mini bag,navy belt,silver & gold jewelries,black and white glasses and a black strappy heely sandals to compliment my look. Wanted a calm and soothing contrast,hence the choice of colors.

NOTE: Suspenders make people on the plus size look slim/trim.They add more flair to an outfit, giving you a classier and timeless look.They also defeat the purpose of a belt by holding your pants firm if loose.


 Invest in suspenders and watch your look go from 0-100!…Suspenders can as well be worn over polos(be it a V,round or turtle neck)..

I hope you find this content useful…Till next time guys💞


  1. Stephanie says:

    I love your content baby girl…you sure know how proud I am of you. Keeping serving us with the looks 🔥🔥🔥

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    This is wow
    Nice post dear

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    Nice one

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    Now,I think i actually need me on of these suspenders!,great look ma’am..nice content,keep up d good work!❤

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