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July 24, 2019
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Hey guys,it’s post tiimeeeeeeeee!

On today’s post ,I’ll be sharing two easy ways to style a kimono!. I’ll start by explaining what a KIMONO is…a KIMONO is  a Japanese cultural clothing made from variety of fabrics. They often come long,short or in midi lengths.They are  also made to be fitted,loose or over-sized to be appropriate for any look you want to pull off. Now lets get into #therarebeing kimono styling

1 Drap a Kimono Over  Your Shoulder

Look who jumped on the corset and biker shorts trend…why waste some naira when I can make good use of my razor and scissors. I cut my black jeans into a biker shorts and paired it with an orange corset inspired top. I complemented this look with a pair of Hanah mules from my brand(Porafantasia),a white structured bag to go with it and of course a brown vintage shades to add extra spice to the look.Now,the kimono comes in to finish up this look like a boss

I  simply draped/wore the kimono over my shoulders  and boom,this Enugu baby girl switched up real quick

2  Wrap a Kimono Round  Your Body(using a belt over it)

For this look,all I did was to wear the kimono appropriately,then wrap the right part of it to the left side of my body and brought the left part towards the right side of my body to cover it up. I used a bold brown vintage belt on it to prevent it from opening and of course to ascentuate/define my waist. I used same accessories for it as seen in look 1 except for the monochrome shades I used here to complement the look…now there you go, kimono turned wrap dress(ooooouuuuuuuu…)…

Accessory Details

No outfit is ever complete without an accessory

I chose these accessories to blend in with my color scheme.please note that your color scheme for every outfit should be considered  while choosing your accessories….


1  For an easy casual look,go ahead and pair your kimono effortlessly with a chic slippers,sandals or sneakers.

Talk about biker shorts then think blazer jacket or a moderately oversized polo tucked in slightly in front  to give it a lil chic twist..

The corset and biker short trends are one of the fashion trends to try  out before 2019 ends if you’re yet to…

That’s all for these looks guys,hope you like it

Ps: a big shout out to @lexisphotography for doing justice to these shots and to the rest of the crew, thank you 🙏🏽


  1. Nneoma says:

    Love it!!!😍😍😍 I’m definitely taking notes

  2. U look sweet babe 😍😍 … love outfit 2 with the belt

  3. Genevieve says:

    Wow…. you keep doing justice o fashion Pora… I love this.

  4. Lucky Okoro says:

    With what I hv read nd seen so far, but i think you should be my personal stylist… I love what u do… Keep it up

  5. Lucky Okoro says:

    With what I have read and seen so far, I think you should be my personal stylist… Keep up with the good work👍

  6. pascal says:

    👌 Been feeling you 💯

  7. Tochukwu says:

    Both styles are amazing though no 2 does it for me.

  8. Somto says:

    Awesome!! !

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