Two Holiday Outfits To Try Out this Season!

October 9, 2019
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May 2, 2020

Hey guys, compliments of the merry season..Hope y’all are having a spicy one. Well well well …..I know it’s been like forever I posted here but hey, your baby girls is coming with fire and brimstone this year(still can’t believe it’s 2020 already). I decided to share two outfits outfits to try out this holiday cause it’s literally slay season literally (lol). I actually created this content sometime in December but I’ve been having a bit of a challenge uploading here but long story short,problem solved now . Shall we….

LOOK 1(Modern-Vintage Inspired Look)

For this look guys, I’m wearing a cute red dress, a satin low heel court shoes,a long satin gloves and a suede I was going for a modern vintage look which inspired my choice of accessories..

You could tell there’s nothing close to retro/vintage about the red dress but I achieved the look I wanted by going for the vintage gloves and court heels to give it that vintage vibe

Where to wear this to:

  1. Look 1 is definitely evening wedding appropriate
  2. Ceremonial dinner appropriate 
  3. Opera appropriate 

LOOK 2(casual chic with a touch of class)

For this look,I’m wearing a black embellished knitted sweater jacket over a turtle neck polo,ash pants,embellished gold heely sandals and a gold purse(so chic & stylish isn’t it….)

There was literally nothing stopping me from wearing a round/V-neck polo with this sweater jacket but hey,turtle neck has this edgy vibe that I love so  much..

Where to wear this to:

  1. Casual Dinner appropriate 
  2. Movies appropriate 
  3. Lunch/brunch appropriate 
  4. Party appropriate 

Cause of the season, I made sure to incorporate at least few Xmas colors hence the choice of gold and red colors.

I hope you like them

Till my next post🎁🎄 ❤️

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