An Unconventional Way to style a T-Shirt

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December 27, 2019
May 22, 2020

An Unconventional Way to style a T-ShirHey everyone, I know it’s been a decade I posted something here…deeply sorry and I hope to be more consistent here. On today’s post is something really easy peasy that I didn’t plan to blog about but I just felt like it eventually… “was a How to effortlessly style a basic T-shirt to give it a twist”. Let’s get started shall we….

So I’m basically wearing a mom denim shorts and a red T-shirt with a twist in it. Complimented this easy look with a pair of slippers from my brand(@porafantasia on Instagram), a leather stylish backpack, and a pair of black retro shades to give me a refreshing casual chic look.

To add a little twist to the T-shirt, all I did was to wear a lightweight long sleeve black top, wear a turtle neck short sleeve top over it, before wearing the red T-shirt on them….I’m pretty sure you’re wondering why I’m basically putting on 3 items of clothing on the top right(lol)…I’ll explain. I wore two different black tops because I didn’t have a long sleeve turtleneck top so as a miss improvisation that I am, I figured I have a short sleeve turtleneck top that I can wear over the long sleeve. Ideally you’re just meant to wear the T-shirt over a turtleneck top but in a situation where you don’t have one, you might as well just improvise like I did.

It’s somewhat discomforting but sometimes you might have to go down that lane to look good if need be…

That’s pretty much about this look guys,I hope you found this style hack helpful?. Please leave a comment below on your thoughts about this look.

See you soon!


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